Amelia Khan

Fashion trends come and go, but what Polo Closets has introduced with Denim Jackets is remarkable, the idea to place…

Fatima Asif Khalil

In a world full of Turtlenecks Fashion, I bought my Black Turtleneck like this at Polo Closet, and it’s one…

Ashlina Shehryar

Full-figured and Fabulous indeed! I just got my order and I LOVE everything! Well-made, flattering, and reasonably priced. Thank you…

Customer Review

With so many options to choose Turtle Necks from — Oversized, Slim-fitting, Cropped, Cable-knit, Cashmere, Ribbed — how do you…

Haziq Khurram

Polo Closet is a great choice for its durability, sustainability, and soft texture. Their Polos offers a strictly cotton fabric…

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